Monday, August 28, 2006

what's up tigerlily?

we got her, we named her and have fallen head-over-heels in love with tigerlily. lily, lil' bit; here she is:

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Friday, August 25, 2006

salty dog and other tasty licks

damn that thing is cute, i can't get over it (see the 'lil pink tongue?). we've only got one day and 400 bucks to go. i can't wait. tonight we bought some fancy-pants kitten chow and toys and a collar-- she's already spoiled.

karl said we can't name her untill we have her--we've almost made it. he didn't go for black joe as the new name for der uber kitten either. we have to pay homage to red dog in some other way, no more cat/dog name switcheroos. i am somewhat at a loss for names at the moment anyhow, but i'm sure we will come up with something good. and by good i don't mean one of those whacked-out show cat/breeder names. moonlit memories, champagne dream, silver damsel. who the hell makes up that wierd shit? oh wait, i did, but for demonstrative purposes only.

we love you red dog. hugs and misses.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

media gluttony...i can't help myself

Music Videos *update (9/8/06)* since that video got pulled here is a link to the same song, but the live performance at the mtv music video awards. of course they're dressed up for star wars so the nice little ink blot tie in is gone. i was starting to get tierd of it coming on every time i opened this page anyhow.

an appropriate addition to the rorschach test. i can't help myself. if i listened to the radio i'm sure i'd be sick of this song by now, but i don't and i'm not. i hadn't even seen the video before and it seemed too apropos to pass up. i was perusing wired magazine's diy section (latest issue) which happened to have goodies on how to trick out your blog, or myspace, or whatever and i've been having a bit too much fun with it. besides that, i'm starting to learn a little bit of html (notice link in text above); i still have no idea what i'm doing, but it's fun. there's gotta be something wrong with me...i must be crazy.

p.s. the music video link takes you to a site with a (small) variety of full length freebies, with code. granted, they are mostly generic pop music, but given that mtv doesn't play music videos anymore they satiate (wow, i actually spelled that right on the first try) a certain curiosity.

pacman, because i can

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

rorschach test with no right answers

i got an interesting call at the gallery yesterday. an older guy called up looking for some work by an artist named clarence dick; this was not a prank call, though it sounds like one at the moment. we actually do have a couple of artists with the last name of dick, so it didn't seem totally off-track. i had never heard of clarence and asked my boss if he had, no. i told him about the artists that we work with who shared that last name and he asked me "so, well, how do i go about obtaining one of these...uh...i guess you would call them dick prints?". for real. and he was serious, so i was polite through the end of the conversation. in fact i pretty much ignored his phrasing, but i started snickering like a teenager when i got off the phone, which snowballed into laughter that i had to explain to my boss.

of course his perfect choice of words for "dick print" led my brain to goofy visuals. just about everything that you can make a print of has been tried already. i'm sure somebody has done it. i can completely imagine some guy standing around in his undershirt, with dropped trow and dark dress socks, wang in one hand and a speedball roller in the other. i figure his ink of choice would have to be klein blue ( actually, yves klein probably did this exact thing, it would be right up his alley. i may need to look into this. my only distinct art history memories regarding mr. klein are that he pissed me off. his "anthropometry" performance art pieces seemed so chauvinistic. some are beautiful, but the ego required to drag somebody's body through paint (always a nude woman, by the way--and they were gorgeous, think twiggy with boobs) for the purpose of performance is tremendous. nevertheless, some of his end results were lovely, here is a good one it is, like a dick print, an ink blot test with no right answers.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Roseburg and bengal kittens

okay, i'm exhausted and i need to go to bed so i can be sane at work tomorrow. but i will post a few images from my weekend in roseburg and my potential kitten, with more information to follow.

a couple of the bengal girl kittens i am looking at...and my mom's adorable little airstream trailer that we camped in for the night.

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Lost in the Supermarket

as there are a million and three other things i should be doing at the moment, i decided to make a blog. i am giving in. but i will try to make it interesting and not lose interest/laze-out immediately. i started to make one last night, well after midnight and was quickly stymied by the naming of the blog. this evening i figured something out based on the same way i name everything else: go to the songs. if i'm making art, i'm listening to music and the lyrics always snake their way into titles; it is the same idea here. the best choices are always the story-tellers: elvis costello, nick cave, david byrne/talking heads, the clash/joe strummer, the coup, the pixies and so on. direct lifts as well as permutations: visible shivers (running down my spine), red right hand, highway of fire/sugar on my tongue, i wasn't born so much as i fell out/lost in the supermarket, bullets and love, tromp le monde. it is an exquisite corpse of the poetic variety.

and i love the clash. some years ago, while speaking of impossibilities, i told karl (boyfriend, then & now) that i would have been willing to have a love child with joe strummer. he said he would give his left nut for the pixies to get back together. we were both kidding, on the square. a little while later joe strummer passed away and the pixies got hungry. which is for the better, i'm going to have a kitten instead of a child and karl's testicles are fully intact.