Tuesday, August 22, 2006

media gluttony...i can't help myself

Music Videos *update (9/8/06)* since that video got pulled here is a link to the same song, but the live performance at the mtv music video awards. of course they're dressed up for star wars so the nice little ink blot tie in is gone. i was starting to get tierd of it coming on every time i opened this page anyhow.

an appropriate addition to the rorschach test. i can't help myself. if i listened to the radio i'm sure i'd be sick of this song by now, but i don't and i'm not. i hadn't even seen the video before and it seemed too apropos to pass up. i was perusing wired magazine's diy section (latest issue) which happened to have goodies on how to trick out your blog, or myspace, or whatever and i've been having a bit too much fun with it. besides that, i'm starting to learn a little bit of html (notice link in text above); i still have no idea what i'm doing, but it's fun. there's gotta be something wrong with me...i must be crazy.

p.s. the music video link takes you to a site with a (small) variety of full length freebies, with code. granted, they are mostly generic pop music, but given that mtv doesn't play music videos anymore they satiate (wow, i actually spelled that right on the first try) a certain curiosity.


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