Monday, February 19, 2007

another smile

here are the good cat pictures i promised. i take so many photos of these two it is ridiculous. for every hundred shots, a handful are decent and maybe one is actually good. considering that i have probably taken one to two thousand pictures of my cats now (within a time span of about 6 months) a couple of them were bound to be great, although i am not sure if that is a particularly desirable ratio. regardless, getting the "jabari smile" picture (that i have been hunting for since we got him) makes it all worth while. it is really all about getting the right angle when they make that super contented purrrrr face. enjoy!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


alright, sorry for the long absence. i have been busy. with stuff. and things.
like watching jabari and lily playing in a bag
or lounging in the sunshine (this is very important) with the sunday paper
and nesting on laundry. i showed the two fur-bags where the quarters are and everything, yet they have still not washed a scrap of clothing for me.
for my birthday we had a fantastic dinner at andina (oh succulent little lamb choppies, how i love thee. baaaaa). delicious causa, ceviche, lamb "corderito" and three different mini crème brûlées--such a meal! i feel lucky to have a world class peruvian restaurant in portland. my post-dinner, sigh picture.
my friend jessy gave me a beautiful bouquet at work (yes i worked on my birthday and the day after).
then some other stuff happened...then it was wing bowl time.

or superbowl, whatever you want to call it. i like the wing part better than the football part. these are cilantro lime thai chicken wings. karl and i can each sock away a pound or two of wings, so i have to buy a "family pack" for the two of us. i haven't decided if that is too self-indulgent yet (borderline gross? 'though i do roast them in the oven instead of deep-frying them...and there are a lot of bones). but damn they are good.
so i think that brings us up to date. i've got a few more good cat pics from the weekend, which i should be able to post pretty soon. oh yeah, i found this too, it's not really a site yet, but the picture is hilarious.