Sunday, January 06, 2008


this may or may not be fresh news to you (mostly depending on if i see you often)...but karl and i got engaged (ahem, *guiltily* back before the holidays)...whee. we went on a little vacation up to vancouver, bc and had a good time running around in the rain. one of karl's co-workers hooked us up with a great hotel deal (thanks rebecca!), we ate awesome food and went to some excellent northwest coastal museums. loved it!

karl was antsy about the ring, which i had picked out about 6 months earlier (i knew it would take him a while to pay it off...tee-hee...i think i deserve it) and he asked me to marry him on the first night! the whole getting married thing we talked about after my trip to peru, which was like 3 years ago, so it's probably not a huge surprise to anyone--just a matter of when.
my aunt b sent me this cute kitty clock (with a cat appropriately swinging from the window shade) as an engagement present. thank you! it even matches my christmas cactus.

here are my ring pictures:
my ring is a vintage (early 1920s) neo- egyptian (see stylized papyrus leaves on the sides) art deco piece. the center stone is a 'fancy' ooh-la-la orange diamond with two tiny white diamonds all set into platinum.
and i thought i wanted something different but simple--ha!
i knew i wanted to find a colored stone and no "diamond on a stick" rings that look just like every other ring. thank you maloy's--if you live in town you should visit their little shop downtown--exquisite estate jewelry. when i put this one on i just knew it was mine.

hope everyone had a good new year's--CHEERS!