Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the day

karl speaking, filling in for the overburdened, underpaid wedding planner that is nika.

the day is hypersonically approaching and we've got most everything under control. caterers and tailors like to not call us back, even though we are totally not bride/groomzillas, but we're coping...

though it hasn't been an easy process, we're learning. lesson one: if you need the dress by the 7th, tell the tailor you're wedding is on the 1st; lesson two: visit cat kennels before booking the reservation to house your precious pets while you're on your honeymoon; (don't ever use AirPet Hotels out by the Portland Airport...it should be renamed Gitmo for Cats)

there are probably a whole bunch of other things i'm forgetting, but that's why nika is the one who usually writes this stuff.


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