Thursday, May 31, 2007

pussy galore!

bond girls? really? where?
you were thinking of honor blackman in goldfinger, no?

okay, i have to admit i was just trying to grab your attention. once again i am a bad blogger and have been away from it for a (ahem...long) while. but today i have to mark an occasion in the only appropriate way for this kitty--a post for tigerlily's first birthday! today is the actual date of her birth--we didn't get to take her home until 3 months later, but i have some wonderful photos from the "lily archives".

i know it's cliché but, i can't believe she was so little.

finger lickin' good

our baby tiger
who turned into a great sultana...
with a title like that, it's only fitting to end with some classic kitty porn. which is also somewhat reminiscent of my most favoritest controversial panda.


alright, that was fun. i hope you enjoyed it too.

Friday, May 11, 2007

der knutsong

holy shit he's cute.