Friday, August 25, 2006

salty dog and other tasty licks

damn that thing is cute, i can't get over it (see the 'lil pink tongue?). we've only got one day and 400 bucks to go. i can't wait. tonight we bought some fancy-pants kitten chow and toys and a collar-- she's already spoiled.

karl said we can't name her untill we have her--we've almost made it. he didn't go for black joe as the new name for der uber kitten either. we have to pay homage to red dog in some other way, no more cat/dog name switcheroos. i am somewhat at a loss for names at the moment anyhow, but i'm sure we will come up with something good. and by good i don't mean one of those whacked-out show cat/breeder names. moonlit memories, champagne dream, silver damsel. who the hell makes up that wierd shit? oh wait, i did, but for demonstrative purposes only.

we love you red dog. hugs and misses.

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