Wednesday, September 06, 2006

a bit delinquent

i’ve already become a bit delinquent on my postings. oh well, c’est la vie. today at work the tip of my right index finger found itself in between a steel bar and part of a 17 foot carved cedar panel that we were hanging on the gallery wall. it is currently turning black from the inside out with a massive grey blood blister under the nail. that is just the type of day it was; a series of idiotic synapses punctuated by dull irritations. i wanted to say “WHAT!?!” when i answered the phone instead of trying to sound pleasant and gainfully employed. what it basically gets down to is that i hate first thursday openings—especially the way we do them where i work; everything done at a high intensity during the 11th hour. my boss thinks of everything at the last minute (never before)…and then changes her mind. whatever.

oh yeah, i had a point when i started that—it was that my finger is dying (maybe it will fall off by tomorrow so i can go to the hospital instead of work…ok fine, i don’t really hate my job that much) so i’m going to post something i wrote last week about tigerlily’s first trip to the vet (it is better than it sounds, i swear) that i had intended to post.

we took her to the vet this morning for her well-kitten check up. she was very calm about everything until we got to the temperature part. She threw as much of a fit as two pounds can possibly muster, howling, scratching and generally making us sound like murderers. karl and i were holding her down for the vet tech (it really took all three of us to manage her, and not particularly well at that), but she was acting so tortured we could hardly stand it. i had tears surfacing when karl said he needed to sit down; this statement was immediately followed by him hitting the ground. i had heard about his propensity for passing out, but not having been witness to any incidents (he hasn't passed out in at least 4 1/2 years) i wasn't prepared for the turn of events. i try to be grateful for learning experiences (thank you jebus), so today i learned that fainting lilies need to stay in the lobby...and eat breakfast.

above, a large (door-sized) painting of what is basically a bleeding index finger from when i was a sophomore (and was forced into taking a beginning painting class because i was a transfer student, warm wishes to the alma matter). and, to continue the hand theme, a little crop of a charcoal life drawing (left). the photographs are a few years old and really bad, but you get the idea.

i wonder if my finger nail is going to fall off? maybe i can make karl pass out again.


At September 07, 2006 9:49 AM, Blogger lms said...

ew. yes, it might fall off. did we know each other during that thanksgiving when i got my middle finger caught in a folding table? wait, no i think that was the fall before we met. but yes, it might fall off, esp if there's a crack now. either way, you should go to the dr.

frustrating as that alma mater was, it WAS comforting to have a dr. across the street...

At September 10, 2006 6:57 PM, Blogger Nika said...

i think your finger-mashing incident was before we met, i'd remember it. there's no crack and the large black bruise under my nail is dissipating, so it is much better. still tingly, but i am able to type with my index finger again (tho' my pacman skills haven't improved).
yes, it was nice to have some sort of health coverage. not no more.


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